Naked Heart Divination Cloth + Tarot Spreads

Jillian C Wilde


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The Naked Heart Tarot Divination Cloth + Tarot Spreads 

This beautiful reading cloth designed by Jillian C. Wilde has been created to hold sacred space; a place where magic is born and intuition comes bursting through.

Each divination cloth is embellished with comic energy and animal spirit. 

Each cloth comes complete with a Tarot Spread booklet that includes 9 tarot spreads and examples for creating your own spread.

  • 27" x 27" Divination cloth
  • 16-page booklet with 9 Spreads including: Mind-Body-Spirit, New Moon, The Naked Heart, Celtic Cross, Seers Yearly Astrological Energy Spread, Wake Up - The Universe is Calling, Chakra Alignment Spread, Elemental Harmony, and suggestions layouts of how to create your spread.
  • Handprinted cloth

The divination cloth works with all size Tarot/Oracle cards. All cards overlap the place settings to provide space for limitless energy to come bursting through. 

Thank YOU so much for your support! xo 

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