Meet Jillian C. Wilde

Meet Jillian C. Wilde

She is an intuitive soul, visual artist, writer and conjurer of the imagination.

Here’s my story…

Ever since I was a young girl I have been drawn to all types of creative expression.Somewhere along my path I deviated from my heart’s true calling and ended up in acareer that only allowed for minimal selfexpression, and creativity. I could feel myself closing down and feeling far from home. Four years before I started the creation of The Naked Heart Tarot I was in a bad car accident. I had reoccurring premonitions weeks before it happened. I literally knew it was coming, I just didn’t expect it to happen. Ironic, isn’t it.


Progressively over the years my car accident injuries continued to worsen. I foundmyself unable to do the active things I had previously enjoyed. I was in a career that did not resonate with me. I was very unhappy and dealing with extreme anxiety. I could not wrap my head around the added struggle the accident brought into my life. One day I woke up. I had had enough. I did not want to feel like this anymore. So, I prayed. I asked the Universe, “Please show me what I am meant to do for a living that would make me happy and help others”. I asked, I let it go, and I surrendered myself completely with no attachment to the outcome. I actively decided to connect to my passions. I studied different aspects of spirituality. I practiced different modalities, and spent time drawing. I got back to my roots. The whole time listening to my heart and letting spirit guide me. I payed attention to the syncronicities in my life, as they unfolded.

All this brought me here. My art and spirituality connected. I started creating characters out the spiritual things I was learning. I started with the Chakras, and then created Goddesses. My spiritual art connection kept growing. Over the years as I was working on these pieces, I could feel myself becoming whole again. I was reconnecting to myself. I still didn’t know what this looked like in terms of a career, and yet I wasn’t worried about it. I was trusting the process as it was unfolding. I felt myself being nudged towards tarot cards (for the second time in my life). I started relearning it, and the images starting pouring themselves onto paper. I was so excited.



While refamiliarizing myself with tarot, I felt overwhelmed by all the disjointed information scattered in so many places. I committed to Spirit to funnel all the information through me into one deck. I dug deeper in my research, to channel all the pieces into my art. I felt called to create a deck that would easily speak the story and meaning behind the cards, to both new and experienced readers. All of the elements are funnelled into the art, allowing space for intuition to be the guide. A dozen cards and a few months in, my injuries went from bad to worse. I found myself on crutches and unable to use my left leg. The worst part was, no one could tell me what was wrong. I could barely sit the pain was so unbearable, I spent most of my days laying in bed. The only thing I could do was draw. So that’s what I did. Creativity was my pain killer. It quieted my anxiety and fear, and eased my pain. I showed a trusted friend some of the cards I was making. She said, “Watch, you create this deck and by the time it is done, you will be healed”. Inwardly I sighed, outwardly I laughed. I could not see it at the time because my injuries were so bad, yet I prayed she was right. And, she was! Around the time the last few cards were drawn, I was walking again, without the use of crutches or a cane.

The day I whole-heartedly asked the Universe, “Please show me what I am meant to do for a living that would make me happy and help others” I would never have guessed tarot cards would be the answer.

No matter where you are on your spiritual path. My mission is to help inspire your journey, and reconnection to Self.


xo Jillian