Meet Jillian C. Wilde

A Little About Me

In 2015 I heard a calling deep inside me, I knew my life was about to drastically change. Since I answered the call, it did. Here is small snippet of my story. 

Since I was a young girl I have been drawn to all types of creative expression. Somewhere along my path I deviated from my heart’s true calling. I could feel myself closing down. Four years before I started the creation of the Naked Heart Tarot I was in a bad car accident. I had reoccurring premonitions weeks before it happened. I literally knew it was coming, I just didn’t expect it to happen, ironic, isn’t it.

My car accident injuries worsened over time. I was unable to do the active things I had perviously enjoyed, unhappy and dealing with extreme anxiety, I had enough! So I prayed. I asked the Universe to “Please show me what I am meant to do for a living that would make me happy and help others”. I asked. I let go. I surrendered to the outcome. I connected to my passion. I studied spirituality, the human condition and spent time drawing. I got back to my roots. My art and interests merged. 

This lead me to tarot. A dozen cards and few months in, my injuries went from bad to worse. I was on crutches, in pain and unable to use my left leg. I spent most days laying in bed drawing. It quieted my mind. I showed a trusted friend the cards I was making. She said “Watch, you create this deck and by the time it is done, you will be healed”. Outwardly I laughed, inwardly I prayed she was right, and she was! By the time the last card was drawn, I was walking again. The creation of the Naked Heart Tarot was the beginning of a new path for me. 

During the time I was creating Naked Heart Tarot I was involved in a relationship that started off supportive and loving, and eventually lead to be emotionally abusive. Unable to think clearly anymore, my confidence and self esteem shrivelled away. I knew I needed support, so I sought help. I healed deep wounds, sad parts, my family patterns and lineage. For the first time in my life, I am in a happy, loving, healthy relationship and I know who I am! I am both clear and a work in progress. This experience inspired the expansion of my work, Familiar’s Way Self Development Set, My coaching program and 1-on-1 work was developed. I want to continue to be of further service to others so they can truly thrive and feel connected.


What I Offer

I work with people that want to experience deeper connections, more love and healthy relationships. Individuals who are curious and invested in knowing themselves more clearly, understanding their triggers, needs and desires, and holding themselves accountable for the part they play in every interaction. You are dedicated to embarking on a transformative journey towards experiencing more love and are committed to embracing the unfolding of this journey.


How I Work 

I'm a certified Mind-Body Coach & Internal Family Systems Practitioner. I specialize in a somatic and parts work approach to shadow-work and working with insecure attachment styles, both anxious and avoidant. My goal when working together is to help tune you into your body, discover your parts, the stories they hold, their protective role in your system. This helps to provide you with clarity and helps you tend to yourself so you feel empowered with information and wisdom. The body holds the energy of the story the mind speaks. Old beliefs, wounds, stories, and patterns that block you from creating deep and meaningful connections. Together we work to restore your mind-body energy system back to wholeness. We all hold Self healing power. I am your guide, you are your own healer. This process creates a deeper sense of confidence and safety that comes from within. Attract healthy love and keep it because you deserve great things!

What I am not, is a Therapist or Counsellor. I do not diagnose, treat or advise on mental health or physical conditions. Without judgement, my practice is not a quick fix, is not a treatment plan and I do not advise in any way shape or form. If you choose to work with me, we will have an initial consultation to make sure we are the right fit. That's good news for both of us! Connection and safety create an important foundation for transformation! If we are not a good fit, I've got your back. I have a list of referrals in which I am happy to provide.




Educational & Therapeutic Modalities

Certified Mind-Body Coach - somatic approach to connecting to the body to help heal the past and achieve your desires

Internal Family Systems Informed Practitioner -  accessing and understanding our parts to help gain clarity, emotional safety, and healing.

Somatic Attachment Therapy Certification - accessing and healing the shadow for anxious and avoidant systems.

Relational Skills Trauma Certification - attachment healing, healing and creating intimate relationship