Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Tarot Cards 1-6 helps us better understand the immediate challenges we are facing internally and the influences of our environment. 
Tarot Cards 7-10 are a call to action. The help us move along our journey, with some insight of how we can move forward and navigate our journey. Do you like what you see? You and only you have the power and freewill to change or story or build on it. 
1. Heart of the Matter
What is happening at the present moment. What is our state of mind and perception of the situation is. It is our naked heart asking you to listen to it. 

2. The Complication/Challenge
This is problem we feel we are facing or are up against. Is there an immediate challenge we are facing or there something blocking us from manifesting what your heart desires? If this problem was solved it would make life a lot easier. (Even if the card is a positive card it stills shows challenges) This card is usually tied to card 1 the "Heart of the Matter" 

3. Underlying Situation
This card is like the mirror card. It is acting as a reflection asking us to be brave and strong and look deep inside to see what and where the challenge we are facing is coming from. What is the underlying situation or person who presenting immediate challenges in our situation. 

4. The Past
This card reflects a memory, a situation, or old feelings you still hold on to that need to be cleared from your energy field. This is past energy that still resides within us that is blocking forward movement/momentum. Once we understand this card, and what it represents for us, we are able to soften it's affects on our present and future. 

5. What Resides Above
This card represents what we are consciously trying to overcome. It comes from "above". Most likely a message from the universe helping you to realizes dreams, goals, or destiny. 

6. The Journey
This card gives us insight on the next steps of our journey. 

7. Advice
This card gives us insight or advice on a possible approach we are able to take that will be address the challenges or situation you are facing. This advice is a reflection of your heart reaching out to help. 

8. External Influences 
This card shows us what it is in our environment that is most influencing the outcome of our current situation. It could be people, places, or events. Are there some possible changes we can make here that is within our control?. 

9. Hope/Fears
This cards represents what we are most afraid on this journey and what we most desire on this journey. Sometimes our wildest dreams are also our biggest fears. And sometimes our biggest fears make room for our wildest dreams to come true. *Tip: Once the spread is laid, draw an additional card from the deck to help further understand this card if more information is needed. 

10. The Outcome 
This card represents where the situation is headed. Our bigger calling, where cards 1-9 are taking us. It is the outcome that is most likely if we continue on our path with the course of action that is laid out in the cards. If this is not a desirable outcome, it is within our free will to make the necessary changes to our situation. 

To understand the celtic cross a little deeper, look for possible suits that show up more than others. They can give you more valuable insight.