FAQ's about The Naked Heart Tarot

Who can use The Naked Heart Tarot?

Anyone from someone just starting with their first deck to Professional Tarot readers.

How many cards in the The Naked Heart Tarot deck?

79 hand-drawn cards. 78 standard Major Arcana, one added surprise Major. Four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles

What tarot system is The Naked Heart Tarot based on?

The Naked Heart Tarot is been designed using the Rider-Waite Smithe system.

What size are the tarot Cards?

4.75" x 2.75" standard size, easy to hold and shuffle

What if I don't know how to read tarot, are there instructions included?

The Naked Heart Tarot comes with a complete 288 page guidebook to help you learn the tarot. Tarot takes time, and patience so go easy with yourself as your intuition grows, and so does your skills. With practice you'll get the hang of it before you know it. 

Is the back of the deck a Crystal Grid?

Yes the back of the deck is a crystal grid. There are instructions in the guidebook to help you use the crystal grid.

What are the Deck Specs?

- 400gsm paper, semi-gloss finish, black guilded edges, 

What about Reversed card meanings?

Reversed cards are talked about on page 18 of the guidebook. There are reversed meanings included in the guidebook for each card. Whether you choose to read reversed cards is a personal choice and is up to you. The images were designed to be read in the upright position, however each card will still hold a reversed energy if drawn that way. 

If it were me reading the cards I would start all readings by determining the position to intend for them to be read. Set a clear intention of how the cards show up for you, and go with the flow. 

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, please contact us on our contact page, or email me directly if you are looking to purchase wholesale: thenakedhearttarot@jilliancwilde.com 

Is there an Oracle Deck to go with The Naked Heart Tarot?

I follow the guidance of the Universe. It is my in plans, so I am hoping it is in it's too. I have a few projects on the go first. 

My deck has black specs on it?

If your deck has loose black specs on it, it is from the black edging. The process that is used to adhere the edging to the cards can cause this. This is normal and common. It will just brush away as you use the deck. 

What are the expected Shipping and Delivery Times?

All orders are sent an automatic shipping confirmation with tracking information by email or text, depending on what you signed up for at the check out.  

USA domestic orders: ship approx 2-5 business days.

International orders: ship approx 4 -12+ business days. (please take customs clearance into consideration with your delivery)

If you have concerns about the whereabouts of your order, I am here to support you. Please first check your tracking number, allow for estimated business days to pass. Then check with the carrier. If you haven't received your deck after the estimated delivery dates. Please email me at: thenakedhearttarot@jilliancwilde.com I am here to support you. 

I have missing card?

If you have a missing card from your deck, please contact me, and I will send you one immediately. Sometimes when decks are produced in larger quantity (for any type of publishing house; Independent or other) it can happen where the decks was not packaged to the creators specification. It is frustrating, and we are also human. It does happen. Please email me: thenakedhearttarot@jilliancwilde.com

Ribbon Care?

If you'd like your little black ribbon to last longer to remove the cards from the deck. Next time you are reading cards by candlelight, dip just the tip in the candle wax, as the wax cools to touch, press flat and let dry. 

Who is responsible for Duty and Taxes?

As mentioned on my website in several places. Please know your country codes, laws and taxes before purchasing. Should this incur, the customer is responsible for all duty, vat/taxes.  

Damaged Deck?

If you have received a damaged deck, please send me images and details of the damage. Unfortunately, the first print run had some production issues that were beyond my control, and sadly, some decks went out damaged. I am working as hard as humanly possible to rectify this situation. Please know rectifying this situation is my main priority. Your happiness in important to me, and your purchase is gratefully appreciated.