Tarot Spreads & Oracle Spreads

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Set Up For The Week Ahead Tarot Spread
1) What does the mind need to stay centred
2) What does the body need to stay grounded
3) What do your emotions need to feel heard
4) What do your desires need to feel seen
Yule Tarot Spread
1) What will help my light shine brighter
2) What do I need to spend less energy doing
3) What Shadows of the past are safe to leave behind
4) What can I do for others
New Moon Manifestation (in Scorpio) Tarot Spread
1) Best way to find forgiveness for the past
2) I am embracing change in this area of my relationships
3) Best way to call forth loving relationships

 Connection & Leadership Through Love & Light Spread

1) How Can I best support my feelings

2) How can I best ask for what I need

3) How can I learn to set boundaries around other's opinions of me, my choices, mistakes, and experiences

5) How can I encourage others' light to shine bright