Relationship Tarot Spread

1. Relationship as of Now
This card represents the relationship in your present moment. 

2. Your Feelings
This card represents your feeling towards the relationship and your partner at the present moment. 

3. Partner's Feelings
This card represents your partner's feeling within the relationship. Allow this card to give you an overall idea that can be used for the highest best. Please be mindful that without permission it is not polite to noisy into other's energetic space. 

4. Obstacles and Blocks
This card represents potential obstacles and block that you may be facing in your relationship or that is no longer serving your relationship any more. Any form of emotional, event, situation or conflict that is not allowing you to move forward with ease. 

5. Best Approach
This card represents the best way to move forward to unstick those sticky block or obstacles that may not be serving your relationship.

6. Potential Future 
The card gives you potential insight on the outcome of the relationship as it is in the present moment as cards 1-5 have shown. Please remember you have free will to choose your path.