About The Naked Heart Tarot

The Naked Heart Tarot is created for the Tarot Mystics, Magic Makers, Beginners, and Pros. 
There is an old legend that says “A long time ago humans knew the secret to making their hopes and dreams a reality, but they abused it, so the Keepers of the knowledge decided to bury the secret where only those who truly deserved the wisdom would find it. The secret Keepers debated long and hard about the safest place to hide it. They contemplated the bottom depths of the ocean, but they knew humans would eventually find a way to swim there. They contemplated the highest glacial mountains, but they knew humans would ultimately learn to climb that high. They contemplated the middle of the Earth, but they knew in time humans would learn to dig that deep. Finally, the wisest of the Keepers stepped forward and said. Hide the secret in the heart of humans, only the courageous and the brave will dare to look there”.
Consider this deck the magical gateway to all your secrets. It will guide, support, and align you with your highest and deepest self. The Naked Heart Tarot is the key that will help unlock the sacred space within; where secrets dare to be revealed. It will hold a mirror to the deepest parts of your soul, and help illuminate the unseen truths that are locked within. Revealing both the light and shadow-side of human nature.

It is an intuitive nature and element based deck that allows your energy to come bursting through. With magical images divinely channeled and inspired by Rider-Waite-Smith, it ignites your imagination and allows your intuition to flow. 

The Naked Heart Tarot holds very chatty energy allowing you to tap into your own voice, spirit guides, animal totems, and secrets so you can connect deeply with your higher self and presence. 

For those of you who have ever wondered if you create a deck, do you live the deck. The answer is yes, to some big extent. Click here to go to the Naked Heart Blog to read some pretty crazy stories.