About The Naked Heart Tarot

The Naked Heart Tarot is created for the Tarot Mystics, Magic Makers, Beginners and Pros. 
It is an intuitive nature based - element based deck that allows your energy to come bursting through. With magical images divinely channelled and inspired by Rider-Waite-Smith, it ignites your imagination and allows your intuition to flow. 

The Naked Heart Tarot holds a very chatty energy allowing you to tap into your own voice, spirit guides, animal totems, and angels so you can connect deeply with your higher self and presence. 

It is an intuitive tool set with the intention of providing healing energy, clarity, guidance, and truth. Each card provides insight into The Naked Heart where ego is extinguished and purity of light flows within you. 

For those of you who have ever wondered if you create a deck, do you live the deck. The answer is yes, to some big extent. Click her to go to the Naked Heart Blog to read some pretty crazy stories.