The Naked Heart Tarot Divination Set: Naked Heart Tarot Deck + Divination Cloth

Jillian C Wilde

SET 978-1-7750525-3-1

The Naked Heart Tarot Divination Set: Naked Heart Tarot Deck + Divination Cloth

The Naked Heart Tarot:

    • 79 smooth satin matte finish cards - including the Major Arcana with additional secret card, and Minor Arcana: Wands (fire), Cups (water), Swords (air), Pentacles (earth)
    • 4.75" x 2.75" inch cards with borderless graphics.
    • An array of colorfully hand-drawn images
    • Two-piece box with ribbon to draw booklet and cards from the box
    • 360 GSM card stock with a satin matte finish for a smoooooth and easy shuffle (Cards need to be broken in with a few good shuffles. Great for small hands)
    • Functional Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid on the back of the cards (instructions included in 144-page guidebook)
    • 300-page guidebook with complete instructions on how to read tarot, plus 6 tarot spreads
    • Independently created, produced, and published.


Divination Cloth + Tarot Spreads

The divination cloth is made with GOTS (global organic trade standards cotton) Embellished with comic energy and animal spirits that holds sacred space for magic and intuition to come bursting alive. 

Each cloth comes complete with a Tarot Spread booklet that includes 13 tarot spreads and examples for creating your own spread.

  • 26" x 26" Divination cloth
  • 26-page booklet with 13 Spreads including Mind-Body-Spirit, New Moon, The Naked Heart, Celtic Cross, Seers Yearly Astrological Energy Spread, Wake Up - The Universe is Calling, Chakra Alignment Spread, Elemental Harmony, plus more + and suggestions layouts of how to create your spread.
  • Handprinted cloth

The divination cloth works with all-size Tarot/Oracle cards. All cards overlap the place settings to provide space for limitless energy to come bursting through.